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An algorithm that automates payment collection reminders to customers through personalized interactions Kapittx ensures streamlining of daily payment collection efforts by taking all invoices and supporting documents and presenting then to right customer contacts before their due dates. Account receivables specialists are able to save hours of their time per day, enabling them to do more than just handle invoices, calling and following up clients to remind them of their balances, and more


As part of Sales Team, you need to ensure that money is hitting the bank at all times. If collections are not a part of your KPI, you end up spending a lot of your valuable time in facilitating the collections from every customer.

Strengthen Customer Relationships

Invest more time in strengthening customer relationships to grow your business and spend less time in managing receivables. Put your payment collection in an auto pilot mode by eliminating time consuming, manual repetitive tasks. With Kapittx accounts receivable automation platform, you can reduce sales efforts on collection management and have them focus towards growing your business.

Improve Cash Flow To Fuel Growth

For many companies, accounts receivable is among the top three tangible assets and Kapittx enables you to manage it more efficiently. We give you the insights and information to unlock your cash by reducing DSO, arrest potential write-offs and improve cash flow. Kapittx gives you the strategic advantage to manage your receivables and cash flow better to fuel your growth initiatives.

Reduce DSO & increase collection efficiency

With Kapittx actionable dashboard allows the collection team to focus on metrics where it matters. You will be able to reduce DSO by channelizing your collection teams efforts on those customers and invoices where it necessary rather than ones which are anyway going to get paid. Collection team can effectively collaborate withing the organization to manage invoice disputes and rejections. With Kapittx accounts receivable automation platform, your team will operate more efficiently, make wise credit decisions and improve collections – without adding more resources.

Mostly all accounts are prioritized by using the ageing buckets and 25% of the collections’ team’s time is spent on preceding accounts in order rather than building relationships with the customer. Kapittx uses intelligence to build the prioritization of your customers, as a solution Kapittx has built a comprehensive dashboard which shows you the accounts that need follow-ups.

Having limited resources and visibility of the updates or changes in the collection pipeline, makes it really difficult for you to see your cash-flow forecast for the upcoming week/month/year which leaves you ill-equipped to make financial decisions for the health of your company. You can now use Kapittx Analytics and dashboard to clearly view your processes on the sales and collections front. It allows you to keep a trail of all the changes in the collections pipeline in real-time which helps you plan your week/month/year better with good strategies to grow your business.

Is tracking email difficult for you as well? Trying to make out who is doing what in the entire organization through mail trails and spreadsheets isn’t easy and far-off from being efficient. Kapittx has found a way around to turn your manual effort into a single click job. Using the Kapittx CRM dashboard, you can coordinate with the stakeholders, map your customers to the responsible account manager, and resolve all the disputes raised on a particular invoice at an internal level.

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