Changing the way CFOs manage Cash Flow

It started with first-hand experience of living with the problem
of slow collection impacting growth.

About Us

Kapittx is an innovative Accounts Receivable Platform enabling cross-functional collaboration within companies and get timely payments from clients. The software platform enables real time Accounts Receivables, Cash Forecast and Analytics for companies to gain insights into customer behavior and secure customer satisfaction.

“Receivables for many companies are among the top tangible assets and yet companies have under-invested to manage them. This results in companies locking their own balance sheet. We at Kapittx, enable accounts receivable and empower customer-facing teams to collect payments faster and more efficiently than before.”
Kumar Karpe, Chief Executive Officer

In Business-to-Business (B2B) firms, Accounts Receivable remain among the top three tangible assets on the books; yet it is highly under-managed, leading to cash getting locked in the balance sheet. 

Businesses end up spending hours on manual, repetitive tasks, updating multiple spreadsheets, preparing cash flow reports, handling invoice disputes, or manually reconciling invoices. Delayed payments impact revenue assurance, cash flow planning, and finance productivity.

By simplifying connectivity between buyers and sellers, we are enabling faster access to cash and changing the way CFOs manage cash flow. Using Accounts Receivable automation integrated with B2B Payments, we are empowering collection and customer-facing teams to collect payments faster and more efficiently than before.

We are committed to grow your business by unlocking cash and making collection teams the shining stars.

A Team of Experts Behind
the Wheel

About Us

Kumar Karpe
Co-founder & CEO

Kumar is passionate about working with customers and partners to grow their businesses. Before starting Kapittx, Kumar was the CEO and whole time Director at TechProcess Payments. Kumar transformed the company to a profitable high-growth entity, and successfully led its acquisition by Ingenico now part of Worldline Group. Prior to TechProcess, Kumar was a member of IBM India and Asian / South Asia leadership team. as their Director for Financial Services Sector. Kumar is focused on solving industry-specific problems, developing high-performance teams, grooming and developing young talent.
About Us

Anand Ramachandran
Co-founder & CFO

A quintessential CFO, Anand is a qualified Chartered Accountant with over 25 years experience in Internal Controls, Risk Management, Financial Planning & Analysis and Legal & Compliance. He has rich experience in leadership roles with leading multinational firms like Andersen, Standard Chartered Bank, Rabobank and Barclays. Prior to Kapittx, he led the turnaround of Techprocess, a leading Indian Payments Company, which was acquired by Worldline Group. As a co-founder of Kapittx, he is responsible for Product Development, Customer Success, and Go-to-Market.
About Us

Jiten Gala
VP – Engineering

Head Of Engineering, with over 13 years of experience, Jiten has held various Technology engineering and leadership roles at Siemens, Goldman Sachs, Citiustech and GE Healthcare. Founder of Oracle's Mumbai Java Users Group Community. Specialises in building scalable, API first, cloud native and AI driven platforms in finance and healthcare domains. He holds MS in Computer Science from Northeastern University, Boston US.

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