Collection Teams

Collect Faster ​with Reduced Manual Work and Automated Workflows

Updating spreadsheets can slow you. Get more done
in less time with ready-to-use workflows

Timely Submission of Invoices & Supporting Documents

Comply with varying customer requirements for documentation and submission of invoices

Payment Reminders

Be Consistent, Persistent and Polite in your follow-ups.

By customising reminder notification templates by customers or business units.

Collaborate to Win

Within your company and with the customer, get all stakeholders on the same page on invoice payment status. Assign task to owners to manage invoice disputes and other issues that hold your payments

Reduce Invoice Dispute Management Time

Resolve disputes and collect faster. Increase accountability by assigning task to right resolution owner

Learn how Kapittx compares to your ERP

Invoice to Cash Work flow without changing your accounts practice or ERP​

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Customised email reminders templates by customer type or their strategic value​

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Integrated invoice Supporting Document Management

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Task Management to handle disputes & improve internal collaboration

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Introduction of the Platform

About Kapittx

Kapittx is a B2B platform that enables Accounts Receivable and Sales teams to collect payments faster and more efficiently than before with the potential to improve cash-flow by reducing Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) by more than 25%.

The software platform enables real time Accounts Receivables, Cash Forecast and Analytics for companies to gain insights into customer behavior and secure customer satisfaction. We ensure streamlining the process of daily payment collection by presenting the invoices and supporting documents to the right customer contacts before their due dates. Kapittx has its inbuilt algorithm that automated payment collection reminders to customers through personalized interactions.

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Introduction of the Company

About the Company

We surveyed many corporate clients where Accounts Receivable & Reconciliation is a challenge and learned that AR is one of the most overlooked processes. The traditional approach involving people-dependent manual process, unorganized AR status data, and time-consuming payment reconciliation lead to collection delays impacting cash flow and at times write-offs.

When we realized that this problem is being overlooked we decided to build a solution for these companies- Kapittx; an innovative Accounts Receivable Platform enabling cross-functional collaboration within companies and getting timely payments from clients. In any segment which involves a high volume of B2B invoicing and receivables, Kapittx just fits in rightly.

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