Join us to Create an Impact to Solve Cash Flow and B2B Payments Challenges

We are an enthusiastic group of developers, sales, marketing and
customer success professionals who love to work together to build a world
class product to solve our customer cash flow problems. ​
We are focused on what we do and also ensure having fun while doing it.​

One of the universal laws of thought is “before anything is created in the physical world, it first takes the shape as a mental model in the form of thought”

At Kapittx, it all started with a thought – how can companies improve cash flow and grow fast? This led us to a path of re-writing the operating system to manage accounts receivable and improve cash flow by creating a best in class SaaS platform. We understand what it means to put customers and their needs at the center of our organization, however, we equally believe that we can make our customers successful only when we invest in our team members. Kapittx is always looking for talent who wants to work towards having a better tomorrow than what you did. We are building a team of like minded passionate people who want to create great products, build scalable platforms, develop great relationships and make customers successful and happy.

Open Positions

Mid-Level Full Stack Engineer (Java, MySQL, React, Python, AWS Serverless) Apply Now
Role Overview
You have an opportunity to join our passionate team working towards building a product for the global market. We are a young organization and everyone wears several hats. We are handcrafting our technology platform from the ground up so that we succeed in our ambitious mission. If you are not afraid to take on an audacious goal and are absolutely in love with technology, you are looking at the right role! As a Software Engineer at Kapittx, you’ll be at the forefront of innovation, shaping our platform from the ground up. If you thrive on audacious challenges and have an unwavering passion for technology, this role is tailor-made for you.
Tech Stack
You will get an opportunity to upgrade your skills with the latest tech stack which is a blend of powerful tools and frameworks: AWS, ReactJs, MySQL, Spring, Java, Python, NodeJs, LLM, Git

Your Responsibilities
  • Collaborate closely with our Founding members to deeply understand the domain, write high-quality code, develop new features, and contribute to our data and AI roadmap.
  • Uphold the quality of our platform, ensuring 100% customer and the user satisfaction.
  • Engage in brainstorming sessions to devise innovative approaches and technical solutions, always keeping our customers and users’ needs at the forefront.
  • Embrace continuous learning, staying abreast of user behaviour, technological advancements, and strategies for scaling a startup into a thriving organization.
  • Be a true team player, fostering collaboration and synergy within our engineering team.

  • Developer Mindset: You approach problems with a developer’s mindset, seeking elegant solutions.
  • Full-Stack Capability: You’re comfortable working across the entire stack, from frontend to backend.
  • Experience: You have 3-5 years of hands-on experience designing extensible software, writing robust code, and solving complex problems.
  • Tech Savvy: You possess a solid understanding of technology concepts, including Cloud, Algorithms, Performance, Security, and Distributed Systems.
  • Outcome-Driven: Rather than reacting, you articulate desired outcomes and collaboratively create paths to achieve them.
  • Dev Tools: You’re proficient with Git (GitHub) and have some code debugging skills.
  • Curiosity: You’re eager to learn and apply technology solutions to real-world challenges.

Join us at Kapittx and be part of a dynamic team that’s shaping the future of financial technology and B2B Payments.
Sales & Business Development Executive Apply Now

Roles and Responsibility

  • Your goal is to exceed your sales targets through stakeholder mapping, prospecting, qualifying, and closing opportunities
  • Build, develop and manage a constant qualified lead pipeline through a structured approach to a large number of potential customers via the e-mail, telephone channels, social media and face to face meetings.
  • Getting creative with writing emails and grabbing the attention of prospects.
  • Arouse the interest of customers, cultivate relationships with executive level decision-makers and strive to become a trusted advisor and a partner.
  • Articulate Kapittx value proposition clearly and effectively.
  • Quickly learn and present Kapittx products in collaboration with Product and Presales
  • Lead customers through an end-to-end sales cycle in collaboration with Kapittx Pre-Sales and Support teams
  • Provide regular reporting of pipeline and forecasting
  • Keep abreast of competition, competitive issues and products
  • Participate in team-building and company-growth activities including strategy setting, sales training, marketing efforts and customer care
  • Travel to customer locations in support of sales efforts as and when required

Apply Now