Integrated with Advanced Security for AR Automation

Keep your data secure with Kapittx, combat fraud and
minimize risks.

Multi-Layered Security

We protect customer data with cutting-edge technology integrated into the Kapittx platform to shield it from network security breaches and unauthorized access.


Kapittx’s Platform is Designed and Built on 3 Principles

The New Standard in Account Receivables

Data backup
Leverage AWS capabilities, we ensure that we have enough backups and redundancy in our operations. This ensures that we do not lose your data and can recover in an event required.
Data Center
Kapittx platform is hosted in secure data centers operated by AWS.
Communication Security
We use TLS across all the components (including internal server-to-server communication). There is no unencrypted traffic moving across a user’s browser to infrastructure in AWS, nor within various components inside AWS.
Data Security
Almost all the data elements (including database backups, your invoices files) are encrypted at rest. There is an audit trail and logging enabled using AWS native offerings to make sure we get complete visibility into who is accessing what and when.
Network Isolation
We have leveraged AWS’s VPC and Subnet features to make sure that there is clear separation between web components, database components and public/ private facing units. For e.g both webserver and database servers (we use AWS RDS) run in private subnets with no access from even our office networks. Principle of Least Privilege is applied at every system component. We have also ensured that all unnecessary ports are blocked.
Two Factor Authentication
All of our team members ensure that their Two Factor authentication is enabled (wherever possible) to provide an additional layer of authentication.
Separation of Roles
We ensure that our development team members do not have access to production environments. We operate and maintain multiple environments for development, quality assurance and production users purposes. These ensure separation of duties without causing any conflict of interest.

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