Making heroes of Order-to-Cash team

Locuz Enterprise Solutions

  • Ledger Coverage
  • Problem Coding
  • Reviews
  • Business Reports
  • Coordination
  • Near real-time sync with Ledger
  • Insights on problem codes
  • No time wasted in reviews and reports
  • Effective Coordination
  • Replaced outdated internal Payment Cash Application tool

Key Challenges Impacting Locuz Order-to-Cash team

Locuz has a dedicated Order-to-Cash (O2C) team led by experienced Obaid Mohd, an IT industry collections veteran.  The team is based across multiple locations and responsible for ensuring cash is collected on time.

However, they were constrained by manual processes, and were critically dependent on Accounting team for periodic reports from Tally ERP.

Kapittx seamlessly integrates with Tally ERP. “We no longer have to wait once a week for the spreadsheet report from the accounts department”notes Obaid.

Locuz O2C team is based across multiple locations in India. They’re primarily responsible for ensuring timely billing and collections.  However, the entire process of reason codes, expected dates, cash forecast etc was updated by multiple teams on messy spreadsheets requiring consolidation and version control.  This delayed customer follow-ups leading to increasing Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).

Choosing Kapittx and the Implementation Process

Obaid was looking for an effective tool where all team members have access to real-time data and also all updates from team are seen in a single dashboard.

“With Kapittx, we are able to see multiple location ledgers consolidated in one dashboard.  The Tally ERP integration happened without IT involvement”

Reduced Costs + More Efficient Processes = Key Results

Since implementing Kapittx, Locuz has been able to automate their AR processes, and achieve 30% increase in collector productivity.

Kapittx has enabled the Locuz O2C team to focus on problematic customers / invoices and put the rest on auto-pilot.  The ability to send customer-wise or invoice-wise reminders along with relevant supporting documents has empowered the team to collect more efficiently and faster than before.  The Payment Cash Application feature of Kapittx is being used effectively by collections and accounts teams to correctly account for cash collected and reduce the reconciliation cycle time.

“The Kapittx team is pro-active and responsive to our needs” concludes Obaid.

Our Features

To enable sales and collection teams to collect payments faster and more efficiently than before